About Us

Jüpiter Girişim supports the companies, entrepreneurs, investors, universities, and public agencies of different industries engaged in the development of R&D and technology oriented projects in their expansion, growth with added value, and embrace of technology. Jüpiter Girişim has been restructured with its operational experience of 10+ years. Thanks to its deep-rooted knowledge and experience, the company serves in the main business lines of
– Developing customized growth strategies and creating Investment / Financing Roadmaps for the improvement and expansion of technology ventures and companies of any size; and
– Establishing of R&D- and Technology-based national/international (academic/commercial) cooperation.


Access to Global Markets

Strategic Services
Market Survey
Development of a Business Model for the Target Market
Creating a “Value Proposition” for the target market
Establishing the Key Persons and Organizations
Contacting the Key Persons and Organizations

Identifying the required positioning for the Target Market
Creating the appropriate promotional materials for the Target Market

Conventional Services
Founding a company at the Target Market
Establishing the correct Service Providers

Programs to Reinforce the Corporate Innovation Capacity

Current Situation Analysis
Founding and Maintaining a Corporate Project and Innovation Office
Creating and Maintaining a Corporate Innovation Strategy
Founding and Maintaining an appropriate innovation and growth ecosystem for your organization
Corporate Acceleration Programs
Founding and Maintaining a Corporate Incubator
Academy-Industry Cooperation

Access to Financial Resources

Access to Special Financial Resources
With our stakeholder funds, we are investing as per our areas of interest.
We are introducing you to the investors that we are serving in the vertical areas complementary for you.
We are managing the legal aspect of the investment preparation for technology SME’s.

Access to Public Financial Resources
We are producing project solutions and managing your processes in order for your added value businesses to systematically benefit from R&D funds.

To believe and to see are identical.

A real development is achieved by adopting a new way of thinking.

The world is closely linked to your excitement and thoughts.